I Survived my 30 Year High School Reunion!

I am here to report to you that we all made it through the weekend and I survived my
30 Year "Class of 1982"
High School Reunion!

One word to describe this reunion

Guess being older and much wiser - makes a huge difference!  We had over 50 alumni show up - that's over 50%! 
We graduated with a group of 97!

I had the "time of my life" reminiscing  old times and hugging dear friends!  I have been blessed to attend my 12 years of grade school in one town.  There are several of us that have been together since grade school!  This was a fabulous weekend.  "Knock on wood" - we have NOT lost a graduate alumni yet.  I know the time is coming... but for now - we took advantage of the moment and had a great time!

My job was to handle all the correspondence - and can I say that technology has advanced so much over the years - that this job was easier to complete this reunion than any others!  I sent out over a 100 flyers and we set up a "facebook" page, which in turn, help found a lot of "missing alumni".  Some of these friends - I had not seen in 30 years!!  There were so many that helped to bring this to a great success!  So thankful again for all of my wonderful classmates and life-long friends!  I love each and every one - very special people!  Friends Forever - Class of 1982!

Also - Saturday (June 23) was KV and my 
17th Wedding Anniversary.  
He was sweet enough to share this day with all of my high school classmates! 
It was a fabulous day!

Thanks for stopping by!  Got more on the agenda - Aric's "Pool Party" and June's Card Swap to name a few this week!  Wishing you a blessed week!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...