Busy, busy, busy!

Hello!  Never will I feel guilty over the summer break - because it has a purpose of refueling for the school year!  We are off to a "running start" - whew!

Very blessed to have a normal routine - work week then taking care of housework on the weekends!  Love it!  It's that I'm pooped at the end of each day - but that's a good thing!  We are all healthy and active and that's good.  (Please, remind me of this when I'm complaining and have lost sight of the goal!) LOL!

This is what's happened during this week - We started out with Labor Day Festivities with KV's family!  Even though, we had to go to school and work on Monday - we had good food, fun and fellowship.  Spent most of Sunday in the big town of Lakeview, Tx - even planted two new geocaches - one in Lakeview!  It was good to spend some family time with KV's sister and kids that live in Fort Worth - we just don't see them enough!

Next excitement was the high school students and faculty getting IPADS on Monday (Sept 3)  - so far, the kids are just getting used to them!  If you have any EDUCATIONAL apps that you like and would suggest - let me know, please!

Guess who got a new car this week?  "The Ging" did!  Arvis Davis fixed her up with a sweet deal on a white '09 Impala - still smells brand new and only has 5,000 miles on it!  It's perfect for her.  

Guess who went with her to Paducah to help her drive it back home...?
  The son that just got his "learner's permit" drivers license this summer!  
Can you believe that he's driving legal!  LOL!  He's still studying and adding driving hours until December!

For the rest of the week - we have football for Thursday and Friday.  Saturday is a normal - wash clothes, sheets, buy groceries - day!  We are also expecting a cool front to blow in - COME ONE!  Love Fall weather, don't you?

Thanks for stopping by - June and August card swaps are next on the list for posts!  Hang in there - we are; still very tired at the end of the day, but we are adjusting

Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...