Geocaching "Meet and Greet" Event

 Saturday, Team "KVannoy" traveled to Caprock Canyon State Park to attend our 1st Meet & Greet Event of West Texas Geocachers!

We were so excited to finally meet up with some of the "infamous" stars of geocaching!  

We even splurged and had shirts made up with our geocaching team "Signature" name on the front!  Just a note - if you sign up for this... think of a really cool name - KV didn't know this and just put his own name for our team!  Who knew that the adventure of this game would become a HUGE part of our lives??

We have hit over 
300 geocaches
 this year so far - for 2012!  You never know what you will find!  We met up with the flock of geese outside of Clarendon one afternoon - awesome!  Here is a pic of the boys at "Half Way Tree" near Breckenridge, Tx!  
We have learned some interesting things while geocaching!  For more info - click here for website!

Thanks for stopping by - hope you had an AWESOME weekend!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most,
until next time...