Here we go, September!

Hello!  Things are moving right along for the month of September.  School is great - largest classes ever this year!  I have a total of 132 students right now, two preps - Art 1 & Art 2.  

Something BIG on campus is our addition of each student with an ipad!  We had ipad roll out on September 3 - guess it was a compromise of having to come to school on Labor Day!  So if you know of any iphone or ipad app that you use and like - PLEASE let me know!  The teacher have only had them a week - so I am VERY lost in trying to find out just how these things work!

This week - the boys helped with the 4-H Open House at elementary school.  They both get anxious doing this - but they don't realize how these younger kids really look up to them!  Crazy boys - they look so interested, huh!

Football is off to an exciting start!  Here are some pictures from the "Meet the Bobcat" night for Childress High School!  Alex will be on the Junior Varsity team this year - here is a pic of the team sitting up in the stands of the gym.  This was a neat event where the band, cheerleaders, volleyball and football kids were all recognized and then ate hot dogs and homemade ice cream!

Thanks for stopping by - next on the agenda post will be a recipe for something that SMELLS very nice!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most,
until next time...