Homecoming 2012

This week was full of HOMECOMING festivities 
at CHS.  
It can also be noted as
 "Hell Week" for others - LOL!  
For Homecoming - the CHS Bobcats played Floydada (Sept 21) and won!
Alex was elected SECRETARY for his Sophomore class last week - with the responsibility of the office also includes escorting the Sophomore Princess for Homecoming! This was a very special event because the princess was our niece Laurin Freeze!  AWESOME!

Here's a pic from the pep rally - Alex wouldn't hold out his arm - so Laurin just grabbed it! LOL  Thank God for great cousins, huh!  

Here's some BEAUTIFUL photos from the game and half-time events!

And OF COURSE - Aric can't be left out - the little toot had a DATE!  Aren't they the cutest!  Aric took sweet Kayla S. - CJHS cheerleader for the Bobkittens!

Oh my!  My kids are growing up!  Can you believe how much they have grown?  WOW!  Thanks for letting me share pictures!  

Come back soon - I've got the monthly Card Swap at my house next Monday - it's our "B" Challenge!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...