Think PINK & a weekend in Midland Texas

Good day to you!

This last week at ole' CHS - was Cancer Awareness Week - ending with a PINK OUT Friday.  

A couple of weeks ago - my art students took about 10 minutes and each drew out a rough draft for a Cancer Awareness shirt.  We took these ideas and with the help of a website for laying out designs on shirts - submitted about 24 different designs.  

Our cheerleaders picked out the design and offered them to the student body for only $10 - with the money going to We Can in Childress.   Their goal was to sell 200 shirts and to prompt sales from our students to buy - a late start at 10 am on Friday was the reward!!  Our girls sold over 500 shirts to students and community members of Childress!  The Personal Touch did an great job! They got the order Monday and had ALL the shirts done by Thursday morning! AWESOME!  So cool to see everyone wearing PINK!   Here's some pictures of our PINK OUT Friday!  Childress Bobcats rock in pink!

We have been counting down to this weekend for almost 2 years now!  The GING was having her 50th high school reunion in Midland Texas.  My sweet cousin also lives there with her family and has a new house that we are so excited to spend several days in! 

 Princess Grace was the highlight to this event - the boys LOVE Grace - not to mention Thor and Pongo (the Cox's family dogs!!).  Here's some pictures for our weekend!  

On a scale from 1-10 the Ging rated her weekend a 12 - so YAHOO -  successful time for all!  Except she came home to a busted water heater - but thank goodness; we live in a small town with professional plumbers that care!  It was fixed by late Monday morning! Whew!

Thanks for stopping by - Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...

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