Remember Andy Hayes?

Remember that #1 son of mine that lives in Alabama - the one that we haven't seen in ONE YEAR?  Yep!  That's Andy Hayes and he's finally here, in Texas, for a early Christmas visit! YAHOO!

He drove all night, Saturday night and arrived in Texas early Sunday morning - looking like this!  O.M.G.  This kid has a BEARD - and it's RED!  Wow - what a year can change, huh!  Andy is all grown up... not sure I like this!  It's bitter-sweet!  He doesn't need me any more - so independent -  His "new look" reminded us of these:

Crazy kid!  
Andy is working for Coca-cola - now for 6 months; last week, he was promoted up to the top merchandiser of West Alabama!  He really likes this job.  He is at work by 5 am and works 10-12 hour days - Andy bought and is remodeling a house in Hamilton, Alabama.  We are planning a "road trip" Spring Break to check out this house!  He only has 3 big screen T.V.s - his baby is 70" wide - a true bachelor's pad, huh!

The "red beard" didn't last long - could be because I couldn't keep a straight face when seeing it!  BAD MOM!  He shaved it by Tuesday!  While he was here, we grabbed him and made family pictures for our annual Christmas card.  LOVE MY BOYS - can you tell?  It is so nice to have all of my boys under the same roof for this short period of time!  I am blessed!

Last story about Andy Hayes - before we followed him to OKC for a Christmas weekend - he went and bought himself TEXAS ware - a pearl snap shirt, cowboy boots, belt, buckle - along with a cowboy hat.  Yep!  There still is a little TEXAS in Andy Hayes - AWESOME!

 Yes!  He still LOVES his "roll tide" - if only he can find a good, christian woman that loves college football also - ha!  Love this kid!  We had a wonderful time during his visit.  Thanks Andy Hayes!  We love you -

Poor Alex - during Andy's visit, Alex experienced some horrible tooth pain - resulting in some  cellulitis - that's where the area puffs up from the infection.  So blessed that we live in a small town - our dentist rushed Alex in immediately and started up an antibiotic  to fight the infection and a pain killer for the tremendous pain that he was having.  Alex broke off his two front teeth in 5th grade - and this is a result of this - seeing a "root canal" specialists during the holiday break!

That's our exciting week and weekend with Andy Hayes!  Thanks for stopping by and letting me share!  Wishing you a great week and merry times as you prepare for Christmas!  Remember to hug the ones you love love the most, until next time...