Christmas Break is almost over!

Hello there!  Thanks for stopping by!  Christmas break has almost drawn to a close for us - and it was a GREAT break; much needed here in our household!

We are blessed to have teenaged boys that like to stay home and "hibernated" along with KV and I - rejuvenating for the spring activities!  We were able to get A LOT accomplished, along with sleeping in and eating all of our favorite comfort foods!  We have cleaned, painted and rearranged several rooms - we have taken down all of our Christmas decorations and have put up January's Snowman decorations!  We have watched movies, played games, read books and just enjoyed being home without a tight agenda!

There are two things that I would like to tell you about in this post - 

First, is KV building a sofa table!  I spend a lot of time on PINTEREST - pinning dozens of things that catch my eye for all different kinds of reasons!  We have been looking for a sofa table for a while - 6 to 7 ft. long - within our budget of $50 (LOL!) - but I found a link from pinterest here to do just that - and KV made it!  It will be my turn to stain and varnish the finished product when he is finished but - as you can see - he did an awesome job!


Along with the addition of new lamps - our speakers for the surround sound (Christmas gift from Andy Hayes) - it has turned out to be just what we wanted!  Awesome!

Next, is Alex - he survived a DOUBLE RCT on his #8 & #9 that had suffered trauma about 5 years ago...  in other words - he had root canals on his two front teeth!  LOL!  In 5th grade, Alex fell and broke both of his front teeth - this week, we traveled to Amarillo and he had the root canals - and did it with honors!  He came bounding out of the office with all smiles - I was expecting something completely different!  Crazy kid - he always surprises me!  Thankfully, our employer was generous this year, and KV and I both received a Christmas bonus that help pay this  procedure and the ER visit in November of Aric...  blessed to have extra $$ to pay for these two "wild & crazy" boys! LOL!

So, Monday - we will begin our Spring Semester and the students will come on Tuesday - "here we go again!" - we are rested and ready.  Hope you have had a great week - Thanks for stopping by at our blog today - remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...