Hoops, hoops and MORE hoops!

Hello to you!  
Thanks for stopping by!  
How are you?  
Wishing you pleasant days 
and warm nights!  

We have been going to school by day and basketball by night - LOL!  With KV and I both teachers and our boys in school - we're all up to go to school - "Monday-Friday". 

Tis the season for BASKETBALL - with Alex as manager for the CHS Bobcat team and Aric playing for the 7th grade CJHS Bobkitten and Darter's Bobcat team - that's about all we are doing at night - "Sunday-Saturday"!

Gotta include a video of Aric's first "3 Pointer" caught on film - it was shot last week - this is especially for Andy to see!  We love you, Andy Hayes!  Aric is in the white jersey - #33!  Go Blue!

Wishing you a wonderful week - remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...