Loving CHS Basketball!

Currently, Childress High School has TWO teams in the play-offs for high school basketball!  Yahoo!  Our Bobcats and Lady Cats are having a GREAT year!  

This school year, our family has seen more basketball games than EVER!  LOL  With Aric playing for school and on a traveling team (and will be playing through April) and Alex as the varsity manager for High School - we have become avid basketball parents! We are learning a lot! 

We've got spirit -  My Art classes made signs Monday for the teams!  It's getting exciting here at CHS!
This Tuesday, we had an early dismissal from school, to travel to Lubbock, TX - BOTH teams played at Lubbock Christian's Rip Griffin Center!  The girls at 5 PM and the boys at 8 PM.  It was a LOOOOOOOONG day, but so worth it - Childress won each of their games. 

Our girls are making history for Childress High School - they are headed to the Regional Tournament in Midland this weekend - never done before in school history.  They will play Friday at 6 PM. Go Lady Cats!

Our boys played a "score at the last second" game Tuesday night against Denver City!  It was a total "nail bitter" the whole game!  They played hard!  Alex is their manager; this is his second year to support the team!  They will travel back to LCU to play Friday night against Abernathy, Tx.  Go Bobcats!

Unfortunately, we are not traveling Friday night - supporting our teams via radio!  KV and I are enrolled in a 10 hour Concealed Handgun Class on Saturday.  We both never dreamed that in the field of education - that we would need our CHL license...  I've got mixed emotions about this issue!  We will have lots to learn Saturday - prayers will be needed!  

Thanks for stopping by!  Wishing you a great "rest of the week"!  Up soon will be a recipe swap and January's Card Swap post - so stay in touch!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...