October's Card Swap 2015 - Fall Icon / Harvest

Finally getting to post these incredible cards from our OCTOBER 2015 Card Swap - you are going to LOVE these cards! 

The challenge this month was to design and create a card &amp and envelope with a FALL ICON of some sort with a Fall/Harvest theme. 

Also the group was challenge to select some Fall themed cut-outs and paper to create a card & stamped envelop for our local cancer organization that sends out cards monthly to our local patients. 

Here is an example of just how creative these ladies are... 

 YuVonna was inspired by her take-out box from Dairy Queen and made this fabulous card with the take-out box!!  How awesome is that?

As always, this monthly swap is the highlight to my month - with good food, fun and fellowship with these ladies. It's a pleasure to host these fun loving ladies that truly are sweet inside and out!

A Halloween/Harvest theme was used for the table decorations - with matching napkin rings, beverage belly-bands and place settings for each.  Here are the links to the party favors:  Frankie  (candy bar wrapper)  and the Witch's Hat clip for the tootsie roll package.

 Pam's antipasto was WONDERFUL - here's a link to the recipe!  It is YUM!  Perfect for our Ladies Night Out!  We devoured her brownies also; we dined liked queens this night!  Thank you again, Pam!

 Here are some pics from our swap.



The cards were spectacular as always.  Hope you find some inspiration from these FALL creations! 







Hope you enjoyed this card swap!  These cards really are FALL-SOME!  

Next month will feature a "Christmas" theme... The challenge is to make each a set of 4 Christmas TAGS or a TAG-card with envelop! Here's a link to last month's card swap here - September 2015

Thanks for stopping by and letting us hare our card swaps!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most...  until next time!