Heart Healthy Overnight Oatmeal Recipe

Here's a recipe that is for a 

This recipe has NO dairy, NO meat and NO oil!  

With Overnight oats - you just put the oatmeal in a container (most often, we use a mason jar) and then add any kind of liquid that you like - let stand overnight in the refrigerator and it's ready for breakfast!  Just remember the oats and liquid is a 1:1 ratio!  

Overnight Oatmeal

I like adding a large tablespoon of chia seeds in with the oats.  We use "almond milk" - because we want a dairy-free dish.  (Kyle has used just plain water, chocolate unsweetened almond milk and coconut almond milk).  I also use OLD-FASHION OATS - but it works with quick cooking oats.  The steel oats - not so much - THAT tasted like "bird seed"...!  Also add any and all FRUIT to the mixture in the morning right before you eat!  Kyle heats his oatmeal up in the microwave, but I do not - will eat it cold!  I also will add a small dash of maple syrup or agave for sweetness!

Would LOVE to hear from you and see how you prepared this recipe!  Thanks for stopping by - wishing you an AWESOME day - Remember to hug the ones you love, until next time...