Painting STRIPES on a textured wall!

Here is the "After and Before" hallway that had stripes painted on the textured walls during 2016 summer vacation!  

It proved to be a bit tricky - but this method WORKS!  I was VERY pleased with the results and will use this technique again and again!

We purchased the paint for the hallway over a year ago...  we just didn't like it on the wall after painting a small section!  After searching on PINTEREST - found a striped hallway that I liked A LOT!  So, when the boys were gone over the weekend - I used the paint along with a base white paint and redid our hallway.

Here's how:

First:  took pictures of the hallway with all the pictures up on the wall.  These pictures were later used as guides when my sweet husband replaced the framed pictures back on the wall!  We all liked the arrangement of the pictures and didn't change it!

Second step:  painted the walls and ceiling with the basic white paint AFTER scrubbing the walls and baseboards!  

Third step:  Taped off the stripes!  Used a manual level, tape measurer and metal ruler for this procedure!  There is even a phone app "level" - but I'm old... so I opted for the manual way!

  After watching the videos on YOUTUBE - learned that  horizontal stripes needed to be between 4" - 12" wide.  To use a odd amount of stripes!  To measure the area to be painted and divide by a odd number - this helps to start and end with a stripe!  That in a hallway - to leave the end wall "open" of all stripes for a "lengthening" effect.  My stripes were 12" wide and I added 5 stripes!  (I would like to add a chair rail soon just under the last stripe).

FROGTAPE is good!  Along with the painting tip that I'm going to show you and the frogtape - it all adds up to positive results in painting stripes on a texture wall!

Fourth Step: After the stripes were taped - this is where the magic technique comes in!
  If you have painted stripes before on textured wall - then you KNOW that the paint will ALWAYS bleed through!  
So!  Using this fact, paint the color going into the other side the same color...  My stripes were white and gold - I painted inside the gold stripes WHITE to seal the tape and if any paint bleeds over into the white stripe... you won't see it!  This techniques SEALS the tape strip.

Fifth Step:  AFTER DRYING TIME has passed, I painted the gold stripes!

Final Step:  It is also recommended to pull off tape before paint drys and I DID NOT do that - I was ready with a sharp Xacto knife to aid in cutting through paint when I removed the tape - but didn't needed too!  The tape came off smooth and clean. 

There were some bleed-throughs - but I used a small art brush with paint, and spent MAYBE 5 minutes with touch up!  I was very pleased with this technique!

Here's another picture of the hallway!  My boys were very pleased with the stripes and the clean, new hallway! 

Hope this helps...  let me know if you have any questions or come see it in person!  

Thanks for stopping by.  Remember to hug the ones you love the most... until next time!

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