2017 March's Card Swap - Non-traditional Colors Easter Card

Welcome to  March's Card Swap!  

Today's post features the cards made with the challenge of using     


  NON-TRADITIONAL colors for an EASTER card! 


Our group met together and had a fabulous time sharing news, techniques and treats.  

Despite the "non-traditional" color challenge for the cards - regular Easter treats and goodies were also given to each swapper!


For the month of March, we  had 7 swappers participate!  Enjoy these creative "Non-traditional Easter" cards... 





Margie (she made 2 cards each!)



Here is a link to the last month's swap!  The theme was for an ENCOURAGEMENT card with a focal point that "pops"!   

Next month...  is to create and design a MONOCHROMATIC card with any theme!  Should be fun...

Thanks for stopping by!  Be sure and stop back by soon -    Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...