Our Painted Floors

Here are some pics of our painted floors in our house. I've promised several of you that I would post these - here they are!
Here's the history behind them. When we moved into this house (a little over 4 years now), the floors had grayish-white carpet. Well, ya' know my family - boys, dogs, one cat...did I say
BOYS - we weren't carpet people...
after the carpet wasn't so gray anymore... I pulled up the carpet to find hard wood floors - badly smeared with paint. We didn't have the money for carpet (have you priced carpet lately?) SO I painted them.
Realize that this was a gradual process!
Our bedroom came first. I had to talk Kyle into this process. He said that he would design it and then I could paint it. I think, that he thought, that if he made a difficult design that I wouldn't paint it! HA! He and Andy that year went to Mexico in the summer for a mission trip for 10 days - and YES! I painted it! That's the harlequin design with SIX colors AND a border.
Then came the hallways, then Andy's room(which is now Aric's) it's a solid glossy forrest green and last was Alex's room which is a solid matte brown. With lots of polyuerathan coats on top, the floors still have chips and cracks - adding to the "patina" look. Patina is a "natural used look" some classify it as "shabby-chic" - what do you call it?
We find the floors very easy for clean up! I mop them with the wet swifters and edge vacuum for the dust-bunnies! We do have lots of floor rugs; for the cold mornings. Anyways - there's our painted floor story!

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