What's your favorite scent?

All the "C-town" bloggers are making lists of 13 items...(thanks Tucker... you started it!)  SO, we decided to list our favorite 13 scents...

We LOVE candles.  We burn any candle that we find "scentful-licious"!  What's your favorite scent?  
Here's a list of ours:

Yankee Candles
Kyle - Midsummer's Night
Melissa - Butter cream
Andy - MacIntosh
Alex - Clean Cotton
Aric - Creme brulee

Tyler Candles
Kyle - Tyler
Melissa - Lipstick
Andy - Mulberry Moments
Alex - Sugarbaby
Aric - Limelight

White Barn Co. Candle
Bartlette Pear

Capri Blue Candles
Volcano No. 6

Country Candle (Hey! Malissa Felton)
Blueberry Muffin

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