Thank you to someone!! I received the cutest, unique "Picasso" pencil & reader eyeglass holder in the mail - no note; and no bill! Just knew it was sent by my mom for the start of school, but she claims 
NO. Hmmm! Kyle thinks it's an ugly thing... so ugly it's cute! ha! But you've got to respect Picasso and his artwork. It's PERFECT! I LOVE IT! I always need a place for my reading glasses. My students love doing impressions of me wearing my reading glasses. (I have reading glasses everywhere in the classroom and at home!) Thought I would be this "cool" art teacher - and in reality I'm this old lady with reading glasses - laughing all the time! I once had a student tell me that she wanted to be an art teacher... I was thrilled, thinking I've inspired someone with all my knowledgeable teaching - right; not... she went on to say... "then I could wear funky clothes like you do and no one would care"!! Great... now I'm a "funky clothed" art teacher with read
ing glasses!! Hahahaha! So here's a great, big THANK YOU for my Picasso holder!  (Two of my advanced art students playing with my photo booth - notice the glasses!  Only Esteban and Allix!)

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