10 Blessed Truths - #2

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The second blessed truth is to BE CONTENT.  
The Bible says "Whatever state I am, therewith to be content.  You are blessed."  We need to recognize and acknowledge that fact and be happy with what we have.
Okay - this hurts!  The Lord must know I'm attending a card party next week and love to get new items... I've got to use what I have!  (I can hear Kyle laughing...)  To be content - it's harder than you think... our family always find something we want and its an age of "instant gratification" - because we want it NOW. Our boys often say, "Just write a check for it!".  This method has killed our family in healthy eating!  Fast food is quick and satisfies (and I don't have a kitchen to clean afterwards!)  but is SO unhealthy. Do you find yourself doing the same?  After working all day, I'm tired and my boys are hungry...  I'm going to need help with this one!  To realize that I've got enough and just use what I have; to stay home... and remember where I've put it!  Whew, 'gonna have to pray hard and be persistent.  Are you content... really content in the state your in?  How did you do it?  Help!

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