10 Blessed Truths - #3

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Allow yourself QUIET TIME is the third blessed truth.  Relish your solitude and quiet time.  Don't feel guilty about it - revel in it.  Your mind, body and spirit crave it.
HEY! I LIKE this one!  But I DO feel guilty taking time out for myself.  Do you ever do that?  After a long day of a "million" students talking, laughing... it's so nice to find a quiet place; then my kids come home and I'm trying to find quiet and they want to share, I sometime wonder if I give them enough attention.  There is got to be a "win-win" situation somewhere!  Lately, I've been waiting until the boys go to sleep - then I go listen to a book and craft.  But some days it's so hard to find the energy... and of course there are bills to pay, bathrooms to clean, clothes to wash... argh!  I need to spend more time reading the Bible - but where do I fit it in?  I use to get up in the mornings and read - just Dallas (family dog) and I; but I haven't done that this year.  Maybe I'll take my Bible and read during my conference at school.  When do you find the time to study?  I have a better peace of mind if I read early in the day and able to carry it with me throughout the day... hmmm.  Relish in quiet time... okay - gonna do it.  You try it too!  Hey!  It can't hurt, right!  Have a great day!

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