Art Lamps!

This weekend, I painted with acrylics! I was totally in a "painting mood" on Saturday; painted all day. In my classroom, with all of the technology - I turn off the lights often and it's too dark. So, I am adding lamps in the classroom - but the lamps are too white! So I'm adding an "artsy" touch to them - now I have "artsy lights" ! It's a "MacKenzie-Childs" look-alike HA!, not! (The MacKenzie-Childs brand is an expensive style of accessories, furniture, dinnerware, misc... with wacky, exotic painting... that's your art awareness lesson today!) Now the lamp shade -- any ideas? Hmmm! I need help... email if you have any ideas. You'll have to come see the art room and the new art lamps! hahaha!

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