Andy, Alex & Aric

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     Have I said how much I love "My Boys" lately? 
     Kyle and I both put pictures in our Bibles.  This pic fell out of Kyle's Bible on Sunday at the end of church and I grabbed it - KV wouldn't let me keep it, so I had to scan the photo to keep for myself!  Think it was taken on Senior Sunday when Andy was fixing to graduate high school (May '07; Andy doesn't normally wear a suit;   also accounts for Aric holding on to Andy so tight...  he loves his big brother and takes it hard when he leaves...).  This picture reminded me just how blessed I really am!
     These guys  (including Kyle) make my day!  They are the reason I breathe!  As a mother, I never could imagine loving these boys SO MUCH!  Each are so different, but so alike -  besides the blonde hair and blue eyes!  Each are special in their own sweet way.  They are so precious to me and I'm very proud to be their MOM!  I love you guys!
Andy, Alex & Aric - the "A" Team!  
Of course, I love Kyle also!  He's the one left after all the "chicks leave the coop" and then we'll live happily ever after!

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Dale said...

Okay, all I can think of when I see this picture is "BABY KITTENS" tee hee hee. Cute blogs Melissa. You are soooooo talented. Lori Cope.