The Jacob Henderson Family

We welcome back the Jacob Henderson family with open arms! We will be truly blessed with their presence! They are returning back to Childress for a reason. We will all bond together, help them, love them, support them and endure their hardships, as if they're our own. That's what family is all about! I'm SO OLD that I got to babysit the Henderson boys! Now to watch all of them grow up and have families... WOW!
Little Noah Henderson will be a blessing, no doubt! It is SO painful to see what life can offer. Noah has been diagnosed with Tay-Sachs disease - this is a fatal genetic disorder that will cause progressive destruction of the central nervous system. This is such a huge test for all that are involved. Jacob, Amanda, Adah and Noah will be returning back to Childress in
October - we are prepared and ready to join them in this trial and test involving their lives. Please keep this family in your prayers. Jacob & Amanda's blog is listed on the right and they have now added a Prayers for Noah blog - check it out! You'll be glad that you did! Have a great day!

click on this glitter graphic to go to the "Prayers for Noah' website!

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