Keeping Justin in our daily PRAYERS

To live in a small town has many advantages. One that I love is that our town really sticks together when something happens to one of our own. Thursday night, during a junior varsity football game - one Get Well Soon Graphics of our students suffered head trauma. He began to have seizures on the side lines and was taken to Wichita Falls (we were playing in Iowa Park). During surgery, the doctors removed a blood clot. Justin has had positive reactions Friday morning - opening his eyes and wiggling his toes. PLEASE, keep this young man and his family in your prayers. Ours students and faculty have bonded together, we have prayed together and we will be celebrating Justin's recovery together. PRAYER WORKS! This picture is of my 1st period class that Justin is in!   Friday morning, this class painted a HUGE sign and put it in the main hall for all the CHS students to sign it!  It was good therapy for all of us involved.  We love him and are wishing him the VERY BEST. BE STRONG, JRG!

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