Paw Paw Kitchens

Isn't this the SWEETEST picture?
Tuesday, we had a big scare with my grandfather. After a great long weekend, Paw Paw had a big spell and ended up calling the paramedics TWICE! The last time he was rushed to the ER and finally taken to Lubbock to Covenant Hospital. He had been diagnosed with bleeding ulcers, which have clotted and are hopefully healing.
Please, please, please keep him in your daily prayers. He should be back home Thursday or Friday - God willing. He still wants to go to the home football game Friday night !! I LOVE THIS MAN! He is a true inspiration to all of us!
Sept. 6 2008 Paw Paw made it home last night about 9:30 PM. He's weak, but emotional he's strong. We're keeping on him "like bees on honey!" as he recovers! hee hee! Thank you so much for your prayers!

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