Oklahoma City State Fair

Our "Mystery Trip" was to the Oklahoma State Fair in OKC! The boys were thrilled. They each received a list of what to pack on Friday night and to be ready to leave at 6 AM the next morning. A clue was given to them every thirty minutes during the trip (a map, pictures of the hotel, $15 money coupon for shopping, pictures of fair food, a map of the fairgrounds & a schedule of events for the day and a picture of fair rides - a list of all the rides that were there!)  We hit the fair at 10 AM - left exhausted at 4 PM... intending to come back and ride the rides at night BUT after swimming in "ICE POOL" (as the boys named the indoor pool at the hotel!) and eating a fabulous dinner at Charleston's (yes! we gained 5 lbs. this weekend EACH!!) - we were SO tired. We went to the hotel and watched TV in bed; I was asleep by 9:30PM. Cable is a treat for us; so we were all excited. Sunday after church, we ate Cracker Barrel, shopped and was home by 8 PM.
     It was a GREAT time for all. We decided that we are taking a "Mystery Trip" once every 4 months; a total of 3 a year! I have learned one important thing doing this - Kyle can NOT know ANYTHING... he slipped NOT once,  or twice but THREE times of where we were going! Remember, Kyle can not keep a secret! hahaha!
Our pics included Shamrock's Conoco landmark, "skytyping", the car show (eat your heart out ANDY - that's a cherry red 2009 corvette by Alex!!), eating fair food, JUMP! the dog show, a sea lion show, landmarks of the OK fair and "Ice Pool" at the hotel!
You've just got to do a "Mystery Trip" for your family... it was so much fun! We will definitely do this again and again! Guess I better win the lottery or get another job!!

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