Painting personalized Lap Boards

This weekend, I've been trying to finish painting Caitlin's lap board. It's for her 17th B-day that was in July. Yes! Running just a little late! This year, I have tried to paint all my nieces and nephews a personalized lap board. My boys have one and some very special friends have one. It was such a hit last year, that my advanced art classes just had to paint one each during class. All I lack on Caitlin is her name in turquoise, she picked out the zebra pattern, along with peace signs! They all have themes!! It's an art thing, I suppose!! KV's is a giraffe print because of his TALL legs, Alex was colors from his bedroom with a "Gilligan Style", Aric's is titled "Birthday Cake Explosion". Andy has one that is with a ying-yang, zebra print with a Napoleon Dynamite font!! I even painted Savannah one - Andy's girlfriend. Guess if I pass from this world - my kids, nieces and nephews will have a "piece of me" to stay and haunt them! hehehe! Now why Caitlin... she's my adopted daughter, didn't you know. Now that's a story all by itself! My little boys just had to have a sister and good ole' Caitlin was nice enough to oblige! Hope I can finish it before she turns 18!

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