Write this important phone number down! 1-800-222-1222 We just thought we were past those days. My 9 year old son thought eating all the gummi bear vitamins would be a GOOD thing...wrong! I had just bought a new bottle on Tuesday and started dispensing it out on Wednesday. On Saturday, I realized there was an empty bottle on the breakfast table. I freaked out and then Kyle double-freaked out. Luckily, after calling the poison control number (thanks for the magnet stuck on the refrigerator, thought to be never used...) we learned that gummi vitamins do not contain IRON; that all Aric had to fear was a terrible tummy ache. I wished him a BAD ONE (bad mom... just to teach him a lesson, ya know) - but he didn't even get that. It scared us bad, Aric finally got a little scared, but now he KNOWS not to eat vitamins... and I will NOT be buying the gummi bear vitamins any more. He can take Alex's teen vitamins - which he thinks are so yukky - oh well!

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