10 Blessed Truths - #4

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Be of a GIVING NATURE is the fourth blessed truth;
But don't be self-sacrificing.  Helping others nurtures the soul; 
giving of yourself until you are spent does not.
Ouch!  This one hurts!  Kyle must've sent this one in!  He's my voice to just say "NO".  "You give too much - what's left for us?" -- are his common words to me as I lay there exhausted wondering what I did to get that way!  I love to give and give and give - and I have a problem of when to say enough.  What about you - can you say NO when your obligations are full?  Do you save some of yourself before your soul is sucked dry?  How do you do it?  Okay... so I'm praying to be content and to give but not to be self-sacrificing.  Oh! And to love myself more and spend more quiet time. Gotta run - got things to do!  Hope you have a great day!

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