Christmas Eve Gift

Both KV and my family play the annual  “Christmas Eve Gift”.  This is a quirky tradition that both of our family have played.  Our kids have now joined this tradition.  

What is "Christmas Eve Gift"? 

 For as long as I remember, one family member would call another on Christmas Eve to be the first to say the words, “Christmas Eve Gift”.  Whoever says it to the other first is due a gift for Christmas Eve ( in my family - the gift is a KISS!)  

 I remember getting out of bed to make a phone call at 12:01 AM to my mom to say “Christmas Eve Gift”.   Also I can remember not answering the phone on Christmas Eve Day (long before caller ID) to prevent from being “got”.  

Alex was the one this year to call both grandmothers... he got one, but due to caller ID... he owes another!! hahaha!    While always funny and a competition of sorts, I truly appreciate the legacy behind this tradition, and have very fond memories of Christmas Eves of long ago when the sport of “Christmas Eve Gift” was enjoyed in our family.  It’s not the gift, but the thought and the competition and the family bond that continues throughout this tradition.

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My family plays this game every year. It has grown from just Christmas Eve gift, to Christmas gift and Christmas Eve Eve gift. I hate the stupid game. I can't even call my family around Christmas without someone answering the phone, "Christmas Eve gift."