New "FAVE" Christmas Candy

Hold on - we've got a new favorite 
Christmas candy at our house!  
Ging was raving about this new fudge that she had made and Andy Hayes just had to make us a batch!!  He is our " Andy-Candy Chef " during the holidays...  OMG!  It is wonderful!  Its a perfect, rich "Dreamsicle Fudge" - ya know - orange & vanilla - we used to eat an ice cream push-up called a "Dreamsicle".  This fudge recipe makes a 9x13 pan full!  Andy converted this recipe found at  over to a "microwavable" recipe - very easy and very good!  He used all the same ingredients, in a microwave-safe bowl - and just microwaved the mixture at 2 minute intervals stirring between times (up to 6 minutes) until the mixture gets to the soft-ball stage (234 degrees) instead of cooking on the stove-top; the rest of recipe is the same... Try this fudge when you need a sweet treat or something to soothe your sweet tooth!  Hope you are having a great holiday.  We "trying" to get ready... good luck!

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Chris said...

Happy new year to you all and I loved your family elf moment tee hee! Chris :)