Teaching 2 & 3 year olds... a tradition

     Here's some pics of our little "sweethearts" in Bible Class, this last Sunday morning, putting on their Santa hats that they received as a gift for the holiday celebrations! Teaching these sweet faces each week is a true blessing!
The Ging has taught the 2 & 3 year old class at our church since 1967!  Think of all the little kids that she has touched - literally - heart and soul!  Who can resist a hug or "slapping five" with a little kid? I can't!  Each child has such a pure and sweet heart to offer - we always learn something new or laugh about something said or did!  

After Andy and I moved back to Texas in 1993 - I started assisting with the 2 & 3 yr. class. "Mother/daughter duo teaching" - my mom is an awesome Bible teacher - I enjoy the behind the scenes the best -  making the bulletin boards, coloring flip charts - thats my job ... imagine that, huh!    So I've been teaching for 16 years (- two years ago I had my first Bible class kid graduate from high school - wow!)  Ging has actually had taught 3 generations - super special, huh!  Teaching Sunday morning Bible Class has truly blessed my life.  

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