A 1986 Memory!

May, 1986 LCC Graduation
This Sunday, a childhood neighbor gave me photos from my college graduation; her daughter had found them during the holiday break - thanks Mary! 

Wow - walking down "memory lane"  (Hey Fitz... can you remember 1986?  Fitz begins to sing Kid Rock's  "All Summer Long" song... "It's 1986, my thoughts were short, my hair was long...!) hahaha!  good memories!

  Oh - how I miss my daddy!

I graduated from Lubbock Christian College (now its an university) in Lubbock Texas, and my dad was my escort; he "hooded"  my colors during graduation. I called him my "angel" because of the white robe that he had to wear!! Now he's up there with the angels watching me! Thought I would share!! My dad is a year older there in the picture than what I am now?!?! He had a college graduate and I have an elementary kid! Ha! Yes! I know, I'm old... "You are as old as you feel - right!" So, I'm 103 ! I look good for that age, huh!

(Okay - for all you "smart-alecks" out there - yes I KNOW that KV was only a soph. in high school in 1986 - oh well - it just happened - I didn't meet him until he was 25 and definitely legal... thanks for the comments - blah!)

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Lana said...

Cute picture! You look exactly like you do now!! You haven't aged a bit!!