What is Blog Candy?... FREE STUFF!

Just a note of why I have a listing on the side bar for "Craft BLOG CANDY Giveaways".  Several of you have asked why - here's an explanation:   Many, many crafters out there in "Web Land" offer free bundles of super-cool stuff!  If you are into scrap booking, card making... anything with paper - click on the links provided in this list (before the offer ends) and enter a chance of FREE STUFF!  Who doesn't LOVE getting things that are FREE?  Sometimes the blogger would like for you to "follow their blog" or subscribe to a newsletter.  Some just would like you to add a link from your blog to theirs - "spreading the word" of their blog candy and getting people to look at their projects.  Others just would like a comment!  The blog candy people that I have made links with are ALL over the world... WOW!
      After winning two blog candies... I'm hooked!  So, I'm hoping that its contagious and that some of you are entering and winning too!  
Hope that helps!  Happy Crafting!  **Please note pics are for demo only - the 1st pic is just to let you see what a blog candy MAY look like.  2nd pic is the last blog candy that I won! Good Luck entering for your opportunity in winning some blog candy from generous crafting bloggers!


Chris, Paula, Gracie & Thor said...

Melissa, this is neat and I'd love to win some stuff, but when it says to post their blog candy on my site, how do I do that????

Stephanie said...

I am still mad. $50 is a lot of blog candy. I am still mad.