Praying for Babies with RSV!

What is this terrible disease RSV?
     Just in our small inner circle - there are several sweet babies suffering from
 RSV.  Our own sweet Grace has just been diagnosed with RSV - with two other young ones in her daycare.  You can read more about Gracie here at her blog.  A childhood friend's newborn has been in the hospital with severe RSV and just recently been released - you can read about her recovery here.  Also another close family has learned that their precious baby cousin has been diagnosed with RSV. They're asking for prayers here.  
     What is RSV?  I didn't know - so I "googled" it and found:  Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a highly contagious virus which is quite prevalent during the winter months. It is transmitted primarily by hand-to-nose, hand-to-mouth, and hand-to-eye contact. The severity of the symptoms vary depending upon the age of the child and whether he/she has any chronic medical problems. Because RSV is so prevalent and it may cause very serious illness in some children, it is considered the most important childhood infection of the respiratory system.  A lot of research is currently being done to investigate the best way to prevent and treat this disease.
      Oh My...So my family is adding to our daily prayer list - all the adorable, sweet babies with RSV.  
Why don't you?  Prayer Works!

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Jammi said...

we will pray.. and all these babies WILL be ok. i just know it! the road to recovery for them is hard. but we have seen the worst and made it thru. thank you for letting us know about these other families who are hurting. you are so thoughtful melissa. i will spread the word too....prayer works!