Family helps beat depression!

My family is such a lift when I'm down! With everything going on with our family and Paw Paw - I threw myself into making a "Paper Sack Family Scrapbook"! People (students, teachers friends -) all think I'm crazy to put so much time into my projects... but it's a "therapy" for me. I find positive satisfaction making things... SO! Take a look at this project! Got the idea again from crafty DAWN here (- she is SO good; lots and lots of projects in her treasure box!) Our family took group pictures while Andy was here during the holiday break - so I had these on hand. I used 3 plain brown lunch-size paper bags and lots of colored paper - complimented with black and white designer paper.

What do you think? It is thick... but what scrapbook isn't! This project helped in making me realize that my family is the greatest blessing that life can offer! It worked! My family helped take out my depression! Hope you have a great "Hump Day" - 59 more days of school (17 more school days until spring break)... but who's counting!!


Lana said...

That is soooo cute!! I wish I could do things like that. You are too talented!!!

I'm sorry about your grandfather.

Jenschke Family said...

You are so creative. You always call yourself Artsy, Fartsy but I say TALENTED!!!

Losing a grandparent is never easy. You are so strong and Kyle's tribute to you Paw Paw was the sweetest! Take hold of his strength and as Guthri says "heaven will be so cool!"