I love my Paw Paw!

This is a "Celebration Post" for a wonderful man. This is my grandfather of 85 and he's ready to go "home". The doctors have called in the family, he is not in pain - he just is ready to say good bye. He was diagnosed with multiple myeloma a couple weeks ago; he's down to 13% usage of his renal organs. He's signed his last will & testament - and he has made all of us promise (and signed the legal documents) not to do anything else - it's so hard... LIFE - I'm trying to treasure the smiles he gives me; cherish the hand squeezes that he shares and I respect his wishes. All our family members and friends are coming from many directions to come and say good-bye to this sweet man. Please keep us all in your prayers as we go this last step with him. Thank you so much. I love my Paw Paw! Additional links to read: