The "Squash" Book!

Revised... Here's a pic of my students creating their own "squash book" in class!  It was a perfect project for Valentine's Day!  Hey - Art Students - you rock!
Here's my attempt of making a "Squash" book... I haven't finished yet ~ but thought I would share.  Got the idea here from DAWN.  She is awesome - the "Hi Stampers!" lady - as my kids call her... watch her videos and you will see why!  The Squash Book is a folded up - accordion style album.  It takes 3-8 1/2 squares of card stock for the base of the book!  I've got two nieces this month that will have birthdays (one will be 12 and the other 15) and I thought these books would be for them and it would be cute to add pictures inside of them growing up... or maybe I should just leave it for them to put their own pictures of choice inside?  Such dilemmas!  These were fun, but took alot of paper.  My general color scheme is red, olive and brown... I've been stuck on these colors since before Christmas...  I'll change schemes one day!  Hug the ones you love!  Have a great week!

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Stephanie Harbin said...

I have made a lot of these before. They are really great mini scrapbooks.