The word scoliosis comes from the Greek word meaning crooked. The spine (back) should look straight up and down when you look at someone from behind. If the spine has a sideways curve, it is called a scoliosis.

  Since Junior High age, I have suffered from scoliosis. Was under the care of a specialist through college.  I still have a "hump" if you look down my spine as I bend over.  I will always have scoliosis.

     Six years ago, right before my 20th year reunion, I "through out my back" argh!  I was in bed for 3 days - but did recover to make the reunion!   I have had several other  episodes with my lower back, but this weekend was the worst.  Today, I stayed home from school, taking meds and finally took the big step of calling our local chiropractor and I am SO GLAD that I did.  

     It was meant to be... they had a cancellation and I was able to walk right in!  After a routine examination, I received my first treatment.  OH MY!  It was a very odd sensation -  my body popped and cracked - I saw stars! - learned to put ICE not heat on my back.  I do not have

any bulging disk or anything major like that; my back pain is really not caused by the scoliosis- it's just wear and tear on my back from working on cement floors for so long.  For 16 years, I have taught art in the classroom standing up on cement floors - and now my back is suffering. So I've got to get some orthopedic shoe filler doo-das to help me cushion my back... if you know me  - I own every "Croc" available and only wear crocs - hmmm!  We'll see if the filler thing can fit inside a croc shoe!!  "Changes" - I can change - maybe; hopefully!  Thanks again to my mom who unselfishly gave of herself and time to take and stay with me - yes, I still need "my moma" and glad she is here to help!  I love you MOM!


Jenschke Family said...

Oh Melissa, I am so sorry. Back pain is something I live with daily. I don't have anything as severe as you but when I was in college I was thrown from a horse and "twisted" my pelvis. It was awful!! My hips have never been the same (no snide remarks about the size!) My rodeo days were over and I've only been on a horse four times since.

I hope you are on the road to recovery or at least relief!!! Love ya!

p.s. Crocs are horrible for your back!!!

Stephanie Harbin said...

I am so sorry you hurt. I wish I could take your pain away. I love crocs too, but they are seriously not good shoes. Try some Reeboks! love you