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As of 3 PM Tuesday - Childress is #1 in the rankings! YAHOO!
Childress, TX- 2789
Mitch/MO- 2308
Slaten/NY- 1477
Winslow/AZ- 1345
South Windsor/CT-1323
CHILDRESS has made it to
Our C-Town's Rock Field has made it to the 2nd Phase - we need to VOTE again.
Here's a chance to VOTE CHILDRESS and help our community. Go to this website and VOTE - you can vote each day per email address... ASAP!

Childress is a small town community that believes in youth programs that will help teach our children values, hard work, and sportsmanship. The Rock Field has been the centerpiece to our youth programs since 1930's. Time and Mother Nature have taken a toll on this majestic stadium and to restore or rebuild the field at this point is a hard thing to sell during these hard economic times.