Crafting again!

     Where has March gone too? I've blinked and now there are 11 days from March that I've missed!  
Okay - granted it was more than a "blink" - but WOW time is flying!  So!  I had to play catch up in making my cards -14 cards total ( 8 birthday, 3 thank you, 1 wedding & 2 get wells) argh - and that's just for the last 2 weeks! I've got to think positive - I'm very blessed to have friends and family to make and send cards too. I HATE being behind - but my latest TOY has proven to be such a speedy - craft thing!  
The "Cuttlebug" machine can cut and emboss.  EMBOSS is where you raise the image or design; making it 3-D.  You can use heat or the cuttlebug "squeezes" the paper through; it applies pressure along with design plates to make the raised image (Okay - that's your ART lesson for the day - lol!)  With the help of the cuttlebug, colorful brads for an added "bling" of color, and Stampin' Up's new eyelet border (LOVE IT!)... I was able to get the cards all done - "lickety-split"...  What do you think?  Simple, but unique.

Hope you're having a great week.  Can you believe this weather - it's 38 degrees right now -  Brrrrrrr - three days ago it was in the 80's? TEXAS - every day is different!  Have a great day!


Jenschke Family said...

What a positive way to think of the "things you have to do". You are so great. Hope you take some time to relax this next week (somehow I know better). We won't be here this week so will see you when we get back!! I am so ready to get out of town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria said...

I loved the card... but when I first looked at it I thought you had embossed the envelope, and I thought that is totally a great idea!! I totally copied you and bought a Cuttle bug so now I guess I'll have to go home and emboss envelopes!!!

Chris, Paula, Gracie & Thor said...

oh my, maybe I need one of those too! Chris has been asking what I want for our anniversary, hmmmm! That birthday card is precious, will totally copy that, thank you!