The "DDR" Performance!

     Tuesday night, the CES 3rd graders put on a performance using the "DDR" -
Dance, Dance, Revolution! 
Aric's class (Ms. Stewart) got to wear the
hot pink" glow-in-the-dark starred T-shirts!  What is "DDR" (Dance, Dance, Revolution)??  It's a dance pad that is "in sequence" with a video game that you watch and participate!       I felt VERY old... the age gap was evident... the young kids knew how; the older ones were so lost!!  The audience watched and tried to figure out "What was going on" - of course, the kids tried to explain - like looking through mud...!! 
     At the very end of the program, they called out 4 adults to try out the "DDR" - KV was one of them!  He did great - but the women won 
(by a LOT!) - hee hee!  It was fun!  Hope you are enjoying the week and adjusting to this new time change!

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C. A. said...

Aric must get his dancing skill from his ruggedly good looking uncle C. A.