"Post-It" Note Purses

This week, 
"Post-It" Note Purses 
have been the rage!! I've 
made SIX!  I like to give the ladies, of our high school faculty, handmade gifts for their birthdays!  The men - I just give candy... duh!  
They like it...LOL!  
But for appreciation gifts or birthday gifts - these work very well! Who doesn't need a "post it" note...  I use MANY during a day for reminders and such!   2 of these were made for Thank Yous (or appreciation gifts)
 and the rest were made for birthdays!!  Just made a pattern to wrap around a 3x3 post-it note - decorated it with lots of 3-D flower punches, ribbon, pretty paper and brads.  I have been trying out the new "magnetic snap closures" - OMG!  these are wonderful (a little 
pricey, but they work so well).  The large purse - holds a larger size of 
post-it notes.  Got a great idea for one that is in a shape of a "tea pot" - will see if I can get the creative juices flowing during Spring Break for that one!  Thanks Allix for sharing!!  I'll keep you posted!  TGIF - and it now starts our "much needed" break - hope you all are doing well!  REST and no school...  I don't care if it even SNOWS... !  Have a great weekend!  Hug the ones you love!

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