Spring Break with SNOW?!?!

     We "officially" started our SPRING BREAK at 3:15 pm and tonight it's SNOWING!  What unpredictable weather we are having!! 85 or 35 degrees- WOW!  The boys are going to wake up to a WHITE Saturday morning...  Sure is pretty, though!  Have fun whatever you do this weekend; guess we'll crank up the fireplace and try to keep warm!  

      I did get out into the garage studio (+heater) to design and create a "Teapot Post-It" note holder... what do you think? - all in pinks & whites - very feminine!  Got to work and tweak out some on the pattern... it fits a 3x3 pad of notes. I'll share the pattern later when completed and perfected!  Have a GREAT weekend (snow or not!!)


Jenschke Family said...

Cool! Snow! It was sleeting when we left town and I was wondering if the snow got there.

Rained all the way to Houston and I need new windshield wipers!!! It was like trying to see through glasses with the wrong prescription. It was scary at times but no Lonnie would not stop and try to buy some new ones!

Have fun in the snow! Kind of wish we were there to play.

Lana said...

I wish the snow would hav lasted a little longer!!

Those are so cute. I'm going to try that sometime. What kind of paper do you use???

Anonymous said...

This is really cute! Love it!