Family is awesome!

Funerals are sad, but the FAMILY MEMBERS that you get to see
and visit with are AWESOME!  Here are pictures of  my closest kin!
It's discouraging when life is so busy
(Aunt Kitten, Steve, Cousin Jamie, Tesa & Cousin Nathan)
that we wait until we HAVE to come together...

(Cousin Paula, Grace & Chris)
(Uncle Lance & Sharon) (Cousin Lori, Parker, Kelton and Abigail)
(Cousin Rich, Larin & Kade)
We've all vowed to do better!
Here is some photos of my sweet family that
came together with the passing of my grandfather.
(Uncle Johnnie Bob Colpa & Margaret)
This last week was very special to spend the time
(Uncle Gary & Cousin Kayla)
with them - each and every one are SO SPECIAL & UNIQUE
I'm so glad that we had that time to bond, reminisce  and remember what it is to be bonded by family ties!
(My men - Kyle, Andy, Alex & Aric)
(Cousin Kari w/ Gracie... Adrian - you left too quick for a pic!!)
(Ging with her bunch... my nieces -Amber & Arin & family)
(brother C.A. and Lee Ann)
(Uncle Byron)
(and my sweet mom - Ging!)


Jenschke Family said...

I am so glad you had your family close during this time. Isn't it amazing how close you become when something trying comes along? Wonder why we can't stay that way? I hope you and your family do stay close!

Chris, Paula, Gracie & Thor said...

I LOVE YOU ALL, TOO, AND WE BETTER ALL KEEP GETTING TOGETHER. Hey Melissa, could you have picked a pic that makes me look more like goober???