Sonatina Festival & Sushi

This Saturday, the boys participated in a Sonatina Festival in WF.  This was Aric's 1st Sonatina - Alex's 3rd.  Our music teacher, Mr. Monson, has his students participate every 2 years.  We had a large group from home attend the Festival this year.  My boys did very well.        Aric - Superior & Alex - Excellent 
 (Alex was disappointed; but Mr. Monson reminded him that he had the most difficult piece of all of his students and that he also had a very "trying & stressful" week...) 
      We tried to pull out of going to the Festival, due to not practicing and from 
 everything going on this last week... but the experience and the fact that we already paid the fee to compete made us decide otherwise.  

Oh well!  Afterwards, we ate at the Grand Buffet - a Mongolian & Sushi buffet... there the boys tried SUSHI (Aric did NOT like it - but we did!) and Alex ate the "Marinated Seafood Salad" ( it had whole baby squids - UGH!) In the pic is the squid hanging out of 
Alex's mouth - double UGH!  All in all, we had a great Saturday - hope you did too!  
     These last couple of days have been GORGEOUS - Spring Break is 6 days away... wonder if that will be when the snow will come!!  Hope you have a great weekend!  Hug the 
ones you love!


Jenschke Family said...

Bravo to you guys for offering your boys such wonderful experiences. You are a great family!

Maria said...

M.V. - Your guys looked so handsome, I totally love a good blazer! I had wondered if your boys were going to be there. Maybe playing and getting out for a jaunt was good for all of you! I was so sorry to hear about your Grandfather. I'm glad your boys did so well!

Stephanie Harbin said...

Congratulations to your guys! They are as awesome as their mom!!!

mjvaughans said...

Oh my goodness!! Mr. Monson is still the piano teacher??!! The same teacher that gave Joni and me an unacceptable for behavior due to excessive talking? Ha! The boys are sooo cute!