Today was beautiful!  It was 75 degrees, a sunny,warm spring day - and tomorrow the weatherman has predicted a BLIZZARD... high of 38 degrees, blowing 50 mph snow, drifts and accumulation of 8-10" in snow??  WHAT?  Can that really be?  (And its the day that I wanted to rush KV out of town to celebrate his birthday - hmmm!)  We shall see!

     Finally finished some baby "Birthday" albums that I had started.  A couple of years
 back, when I was big into digital scrapbooking - I made this template for a Birthday scrapbook for the first 18 years of the baby's life.  It's a 36 page photo album book -  Just adding a couple of pictures each year at birthday time - really makes a cute scrapbook in 18 years!  (Andy Hayes' book is the only one completed so far!  Hey, I did make my brother one that contained "40" years of birthdays - now that was FUN to compile and make! You better still have it, CA!!  LOL!)  Any-who, today I finished up 6
 Birthday Albums - yeah!  One dates back to 2006 -  "gasp!" - just had to make it before this poor child turns 3 - argh!

Also fixed up this birthday card, needed a "girlie" card for a sweet lady... this "punch dress & purse" 
idea came from our local SU demo (Hey Steph!) during one of our Stamping Queen gatherings!  Love it!  Pink and orange (?) it works here, I think!  This weekend, I'm planning on Easter cards - Crystal has inspired me - she ROCKS! - check out her SU blog here... (She's a ole' C-town girl!)

So tomorrow is TGIF even if we have snow!  Thanks for stopping by!  Glad you did!  Hope you have a great day! 
 Hug the ones you love - and here's a hug from me to you! (: