Semi-HANDmade Calendars

Check out these 
Semi-HANDmade calendars! 
During spring break, I took my Uncle to the ear doctor and picked up some of these FREE desk calendars.
They will make super gifts to give - that will be so useful!

My favorite - "Functional Art"!

The "give away" calendar had all the hard work done (with the cutting of the chipboard, making of the stand, calendar sheets for 2009) - all I had to do is add the fun stuff... designer paper, embellishments and a stamped title and TA DUM - a semi-HANDmade project! Hope you have a great HUMP day! They are predicting SNOW again for our west Texas skies - Oh My!

(Pssst! I'm taking KV on a "Mystery Trip" Friday afternoon to celebrate his birthday - he's turning 39 Sunday! We going "clothes shopping"... any suggestions where to go, where to eat...?)


Deb ;) said...

Wow! I LOVE the calendar you made! Sigh....wish I was artsy like you! Where are you and KV going? Amarillo... Hummers is a really good place; Lubbock...Cagle's..yummy steaks
Blair, Oklahoma...Backdoor Steakhouse.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...


Hmm! Come my way, and I will feed you! And I am sure I can send you to some great places to shop!

Jenschke Family said...

Love the calendars. You are way talented!!!

Just wanted to say thanks for Garrett's card and candy bar! He was thrilled with it.

Have fun "shopping".

Lana said...

You are too smart!! Those are cute. I never would have thought to do something like that.....and it would not be that cute!!!!

C. A. said...

Texas Road House is always good. Hope things are good back home.