Spring Break is gone!

days left of school days... The Spring Break is over and it's back to the "grind"! It's good to see the students back - "safe and sound" (and very sleepy)... now we're down to the last haul until the SUMMER! Have I told you lately that the BIGGEST reason that I teach is for the SUMMER!!! LOL!

"Semi-handmade" are these get-well cards! Ok - if Sandra Lee can
have "Semi Homemade" for her cooking show, well then, these are a "semi-handmade" project... taking a store bought item and adding
handmade blings and homestyle tweaking... what do you think? Cheating? hmmm... needed some quick get-well cards and bought these cards & envies on clearance and thought to use them... my new year's resolutions was "to use things I already have..."  (I'm trying!)  Hope you have a great MONDAY!


mjvaughans said...

No fair - we have 52 days left! Seriously, you should quit teaching and open a card store - you are so unbelievably talented! All those years of 4-H and still no talent! ha!

Anonymous said...

Nice Idea!