"Dog" Weekend!

Hope you all had a great weekend!
We worked hard - cleaning backyards, washed clothes, cleaned out the garage - we even found our back porch (LOL) I love the spring time! (Love my Dallas the Dalmatian; she's getting a new dog house and a new fence this week!) During the weekend, our family had the opportunity to watch two different DOG VIDEOS!

The 1st video was "Marley & Me" - all 3 boys give this video a HUGE thumbs up! (I won't watch sad movies...) KV says that this is "the saddest movie!" but highly recommends watching this video!

The 2nd video that we watched was "Beverly Hills Chihuahuh" - it's a clean movie for kids... storyline is "adopt a dog"... it was fair watching. Aric & KV lost interest so Alex & I finished watching it with the "AIM" boys - Keith and Steve.

It was good to stay home for a weekend... to clean and catch up. How was your weekend? Hope you rested and relaxed! Hug the ones that you love! Have a great Monday!

P.S. KV and I are STILL "taking the challenge" - we've been to F3 every day so far - 5 days down 16 more to go on our "21 Day Workout"... Friday night I did BOTH upper and lower toning... and OMG! Saturday... I was SO sore - by Sunday it was still hurting, but only when I moved... LOL!  I'm pulling back to just one or the other on "tone" days!  KV is doing all cardio on his 21 days - on the elliptical - the man is a speed demon; he can erase 300 calories in 20 minutes...argh!  

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Stephanie Harbin said...

I dont' want to watch Marlee and me either. But I liked BH Chihuahua. Glad you had a restful weekend.