Our New Fence!

     FINALLY - after  being "fence-less" for almost a year (- catch this post from the "Father's Day Tornado"; it's where we lost the fence!) - we now have a wonderful new fence for our backyard - we are so excited... Dallas, our family dog - is not so happy! She's gotten into the routine of running the neighborhood!  She had her trail that she ran each night - not any more!




     What do ya think?  We finally have privacy!  Our poor neighbor's eyes... my boys have a strong tendency to run without clothes on ALL THE TIME - oh my!?

     To "hopefully" make Dallas' transition better in having a fenced-in area again - she's got a new dog house.  Take a look!  One of my "favorite students" from the high school (aka - "Schlinky") built this in shop class under the guidance of Mr. J!  It's awesome,  I'll add "dots" to the paint job on the outside of Dallas' doghouse this summer... to "Dalmatian-ize" it! hee hee!  Gotta have spots - 101 maybe!  "Elvis" our family cat has claimed the doghouse for her afternoon naps... makes Dallas so mad - could be the point! LOL!  Drama with my "girls"!

Hope you are having a great week.  Enjoy this summer-like weather - it's beautiful out there!  Thanks for stopping by!

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Amanda KP said...

looks great!! love the dog house...but will kyle fit in there?? JK!!!!

we have such talented kids at chs!!! makes me proud!!